Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All Natural and Effective Flea Treatment and Preventative
Is it just me, or are fleas really bad this year in San Diego?  I think it has a lot to do with being so close to the beach and during the winter months it never gets below freezing to break the flea cycle.  Southern California offers a great climate for fleas to breed and it's our pets that suffer from it.   If you are like most people you turn to your vet for advice and your vet probably gave you Frontline, K9 Advantix, or another similar topical treatment.  These treatments are effective but can break the bank and are very harsh on your pet's skin.  The first time I put Frontline on my cat, she sneezed and hid from me the rest of the day!  So the next time she had fleas I decided to give her a bath with some flea shampoo instead thinking it would be less harsh but it wasn't.  She wasn't herself for a few days after I bathed her and she hid from me for a week!  The warnings on the bottles state to keep away from children and not to use on puppies or kitten under 12 weeks of age.  It got me to wishing there was a natural solution to my flea problem and after some research I found the answer!

The natural solution was food grade diatomaceous earth (DE).  DE is an all-
natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants.  It works by simply dehydrating fleas and ticks that come in contact with it within 72 hours. DE can be sprinkled in your home carpeting, on pets, applied in their bedding, and even outdoors.  If your pet currently has fleas, it can also be fed to them to address the tapeworms they will have from ingesting fleas.  DE can also be used to keep ants, roaches, flies, mites, bedbugs and all other insects from bothering you and your pets. 
Once your pet is free of fleas you can start using a natural product called Flea Free to repel fleas.  Flea Free will NOT harm your pets, or the environment. It's completely natural and safe for puppies as well as pregnant and nursing dogs. This natural liquid supplement is added to your pet's food or water and goes to work internally in the blood stream and emits an enzyme which shields the protein the female fleas need to lay eggs. Not sensing a protein, she will jump off the pet and search for another blood meal because if she doesn't draw blood every 20 to 22 hours she will die. Males never bite.  

We now carry both food grade diatomaceous earth and
Flea Free at IB Pet.  We also carry a number of all natural flea and tick shampoos and sprays.  For more information about these or any of our products, please call or stop in the shop or call contact us at

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