Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pet Adoption Event at IB Pet Nov 16th!

Pet Adoption Event at IB Pet!

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013 2-5pm     

Ferdinand's Familia Rescue Ranch
IB Pet is hosting an adoption event on November 16, 2013 for Ferdinand's Familia Rescue Ranch!  There will be dogs and cats that are in need of new homes available for adoption at the event! Ferdinand's is also bringing a few of their sanctuary animals which include a cute pair of friendly ducks and a lamb! Bring the kids out to meet the animals and help support this great local rescue group!!
Click here to learn more info about the Ferdinand's.

Raffles & Prizes! 

IB Pet will be offering raffles and prizes the day of the event to raise money and awareness for the rescue! Nature's Variety will also be there helping out and have made generous contributions to the gifts baskets we are raffling!  

Saturday, November 17th 2-5PM
600 Palm Ave #127
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Furminator does work!

Cali is feeling great after a quick groom this morning.  This hair pile is the result of 3 minutes of combing!

Cali and Cali's hair pile!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Benefits of Feeding Wet Food for Pets

5 Benefits of Feeding Wet Foods for Pets

Skin & Coat - Dogs and cats with dull dry skin and coat conditions can benefit from the additional proteins and essential fatty acids found in wet foods.
Hydration -
 Many dogs and cats do not drink enough water because their natural diet is full of moisture.  Feeding dry food only can lead to chronic dehydration especially for cats.  Feeding wet food will help keep your pet well hydrated.  

Healthy Weight - Wet food diets contain less carbohydrates and more meat promoting a healthy weight.  Dogs and cats that are fed a high-moisture diet tend to eat less food and have higher activity levels.

Smaller Stools - Wet foods tend to contain less grains and starches resulting in less waste.  Wild Calling Cat and Dog cans are made of 96% meat and no grains.  

It's Tasty! - Wet foods have an appealing aroma and tend to be more palatable to than dry foods.  Picky eaters are more likely to eat their dry food when mixed with one of there favorite wet foods.

Canned foods are a convenient option for pet parents, but wet food doesn't always have to come in a can.  Try some of these options for your pet:

 Grandma Lucy's Artisans Dog Food

Tip: Prepare Grandma Lucy's with Raw Goats Milk to add nutrients, probiotics and taste!

Rad Cat Frozen Raw Diets

 Adding wet food as little as once a day will offer many health benefits!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Raw Goat's Milk For Dogs & Cats

Raw Goat's Milk For Dogs & Cats

Any healthy animal would benefit from raw goats milk but especially those with skin conditions, allergies, urinary tract infections, kidney disease, kidney stones, cancer, obesity, diarrhea, constipation, and poor digestion to name a few.  Raw goat's milk is one of the most digestible foods on earth.  It requires very little work from the digestive system to break it down and it is packed with probiotics and enzymes.  Raw goat's milk has small proteins and fat molecules making it easier on the digestive system.  It is a healthy additive for your dogs and cats diets and they LOVE it!
Note: The milk we buy in the grocery store today is pasteurized due to government regulations and is no longer "raw".  The essential enzymes that make raw milk so great have been killed out of it.  

Raw Goat's Milk is a Natural Probiotic
  • Delivers live active probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids.
  • Provides bacteriancins which fight off pathogens
  • Delivers enzymes to break down biofilm.  Biofilm protects bad bacteria that prevent absorption of good nutrients.
Digestive System Benefits
  • Raw goat's milk requires minimal work for the pet's digestive system.
  • It is absorbed into their body within 20 minutes after drinking the milk.
  • Contains all the enzymes needed for digestion.
Reducing Allergies
  • Raw (no pasteurized) goat's milk stabilizes mast cells that reduce inflammation.  
  • In a study done in over 14,000 children, the consumption of raw goat's milk was the strongest factor in reducing the risk of asthma and allergies.

Potentially Lowers The Risk of Cancer and Shrinks Tumors

  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - Only found in milk from grass fed dairy animals
  • Studies link a diet high in CLA with a lower risk of cancer and has shown to actually shrink cancer tumors
Resources: and
Some Food for Thought...
Goats milk is the closest thing to human Mother's milk available in nature. It only makes sense that humans of any age but especially children can benefit from drinking raw goats milk. Children have been raised on raw goats milk for probably thousands of years but unfortunately today selling anything other than Grade A pasteurized milk is illegal in 46 states. Government regulations require that milk be pasteurized, a process that not only destroys not only the bad bacterias present in raw milk but it also destroys the valuable natural enzymes and nutrients that our bodies utilize to sustain health. Goat owners can only legally sell raw milk for animal consumption only. :( 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Local Business No Longer Welcome at Loews's Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach

Dear Locals, Customers and Friends,

We regret to inform you that IB Pet will not have a booth at the Loew's Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition this year for the first time since 2009! The event is now being sponsored by Petco Unleashed and Loews has denied our request to attend.  Though we hope this partnership with Petco brings more money to the ASPCA we are very disappointed that we will not be a vendor this year.  Surf Dog is the only big "pet" event in Imperial Beach and we look forward to it each year.  Surf Dog day is always a busy day for us at IB Pet.  Without our attendance at the event visitors won't know to come see us.  We have supported Loews for years as they are a pet friendly hotel/resort just up the road from us and this news is very disheartening to us, our staff and our local customers!

We'd like to take this opportunity to do some good and to help promote supporting local businesses. We are having IB Pet SUPPORT LOCAL t-shirts made for the Surf Dog event on June 22nd.  The shirts are $20 each and $5 of each shirt sold will be donated to our local non-profit pet rescue groups; PAWS and CARES in Coronado.  Shirts will be ready for pick up at IB Pet June 17th but you may pay for your shirt now at IB Pet.

We hope to see everyone in BLUE at Surf Dog this year!
Take care!

Lori and Russell Blauert
Owners of IB Pet

Phone : 619-822-1610

Monday, March 25, 2013

Raw Dog Food Videos

Here are a couple of our videos about raw dog food and raw supplemental feeding.

An intro to making a raw food supplement.

Feeding Raw Primal Turkey Necks

And one just for smiles.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Understanding and Using Diatomaceous Earth

Written by: Russell Blauert
Owner: IB Pet

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is fast becoming a mainstream way to combat problems with insects, and especially fleas.  After spending a few minutes reading this article you will understand the origins and history of DE use, the differences between food grade (CODEX) diatomaceous earth and industrial grade, the actual way that DE kills insects, and common uses for today's pet owners.

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of silica "shelled" algae, known as diatoms.  After extracted from the earth through mining the material is filtered and powered to make what we know as diatomaceous earth.  It is white in color and very powdery and light.    

DE was discovered in the mid-1800's and was initially put to use as a very mild abrasive in toothpastes and polishes for metal.  Soon a more widespread use was found as a filtering agent in industrial applications.  You may have heard of diatomaceous earth sold for pool filters in home improvement stores.  Pool-grade DE is generally very inexpensive because of the quality or purity of the product.  This brings up the very important subject of the differences between industrial grade and food grade diatomaceous earth.

First off, I want to say that you should always consult an expert on any personal health questions you may have.  I am NOT an expert on DE or it's uses.  I am just offering my opinion on how I personally use the product.  The main difference between industrial DE and food grade is that food grade is less than 1% crystalline silica.  Crystalline silica is produced by a heating process.  Crystalline silica is HARMFUL to humans and animals if inhaled or ingested.  Food grade DE has less than 1% crystalline silica by weight and is generally considered safe.  The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends DE be less than 2% crystalline to be safe.  Industrial, or pool grade, can contain 94% or higher of the crystalline stuff.  This is why it is very important to buy food grade for home use.  

I know people who ingest DE for benefits to their health and they swear by the stuff.  I can tell you though, I would not ingest diatomaceous earth for any reason and do not recommend it.  That's just me.  Make your own decision on that.

Ok, now down to the reasons I use diatomaceous earth.  It is a proven, safe and effective insect killer.  If you do not want to use chemicals in your house to treat for fleas, ants and bedbugs then food grade, otherwise known as CODEX grade, diatomaceous earth is probably the best alternative.  It uses a physical action as opposed to a chemical action to kill insects.  As an insect with an exoskeleton crawls through an area with DE it's hard shell is microscopically cut by the "sharp" edges of the silica.  It is only harmful to insects with shells.  Humans and animals are not affected by the silica in any way except for a slight drying action that silica causes.  After the insect's shell is cut the insect will dry out and die.  Again, this is a completely physical action that happens.  No chemical processes take place and thus is very safe for you, your kids and your pets.  

This physical process will take about two days to complete so plan ahead or have a little patience while the DE works it's magic.  My family uses it as a sort of barrier around the house and around our shop.  Also, you can put it inside your mattress to fight bed bugs and anywhere else you have insect problems.  You can also put the powder directly on your pet's coat to kill fleas.  Make sure it's the food grade DE and understand that it will dry your pet's skin slightly.  

For more info read the info on this site: