Tuesday, October 1, 2013

5 Benefits of Feeding Wet Food for Pets

5 Benefits of Feeding Wet Foods for Pets

Skin & Coat - Dogs and cats with dull dry skin and coat conditions can benefit from the additional proteins and essential fatty acids found in wet foods.
Hydration -
 Many dogs and cats do not drink enough water because their natural diet is full of moisture.  Feeding dry food only can lead to chronic dehydration especially for cats.  Feeding wet food will help keep your pet well hydrated.  

Healthy Weight - Wet food diets contain less carbohydrates and more meat promoting a healthy weight.  Dogs and cats that are fed a high-moisture diet tend to eat less food and have higher activity levels.

Smaller Stools - Wet foods tend to contain less grains and starches resulting in less waste.  Wild Calling Cat and Dog cans are made of 96% meat and no grains.  

It's Tasty! - Wet foods have an appealing aroma and tend to be more palatable to than dry foods.  Picky eaters are more likely to eat their dry food when mixed with one of there favorite wet foods.

Canned foods are a convenient option for pet parents, but wet food doesn't always have to come in a can.  Try some of these options for your pet:

 Grandma Lucy's Artisans Dog Food

Tip: Prepare Grandma Lucy's with Raw Goats Milk to add nutrients, probiotics and taste!

Rad Cat Frozen Raw Diets

 Adding wet food as little as once a day will offer many health benefits!


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