Thursday, December 13, 2012

Glacier Peak Pet Allergy Test

Glacier Peak Pet Allergy Test

We were just introduced to a new product that we think a LOT of people could use.  Glacier Peak Holistics has made an affordable professional allergy testing solution for dogs.  We wanted to test the kit and see the results before we started promoting the product.  After seeing many happy customers and getting the actual results for several of our staff member's pets we realized how many people would be able to use this product.  

The kit is extremely easy to use.  Just open it up, take a sample of saliva from your dog on the q-tip that is provided and send that with a sample of hair to Glacier Peak's testing facility.  They can run three separate tests - Food Allergy, Environmental Allergy, and Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency.  The kit itself is $59.99 and each test requires a payment of $15 to Glacier Peak's lab.  The turn-around time for results is about 2 weeks.

As some of you may know, similar testing will cost over $500 at a private lab.  We think this is an outstanding value since all three tests and the kit will only cost you $100 total!  

As you can see below the result sheets are very easy to read and extremely detailed.  The results shown below are from one of our staff member's dogs.  Glacier Peak also includes a recommended action paragraph for your dog.  

The real benefit to this is that your dog could be allergy free with a diet change based on the results of this test.  We will help you find the right diet using the results you receive.  Not only will we consult with you for FREE but we will credit your online account with $10 as soon as you purchase the allergy test.  You can use the $10 rebate on any future order you choose.

Please email or call us with any questions you might have.

Glacier Peak Allergy Test - Food Allergy Results

Glacier Peak Allergy Test Kit - Environmental Allergy Results 

Glacier Peak Allergy Test Kit - Vitamin Deficiency Results
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