Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Wagon Dairy Raw Goat Milk - Herd Diet

We have had several questions about the diet of the goats at Old Wagon Dairy located in northern San Diego in the city of Escondido. I sent Mike an email asking for a quick breakdown of their diet. Here is what he sent me.

"The goats get pasture, alfalfa hay and various herbaceous plants. In addition the milkers get a ration of organic oats, organic sunflower seed and kelp meal. The goats eat lots of organic feed but they are not 100% organic. The milkers but seldom the bucks get pasture (they are too hard to get back into their pen. They are more interested in the girls and getting a 300# buck to go any where he does not want to go is difficult). The pasture is 100% organic. Organic hay is not available so we use the best alfalfa #1 dairy alfalfa."

Please let us know if you have any other questions about our locally sourced raw goat milk!

Phone : 619-822-1610

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  1. Is anything else added to the raw goats milk such as vitamins that are specific for just pet consumption?